Say Yellow to the Bee Network

27 September 2023

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Say Yellow to the Bee Network

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What is the Bee Network?

The Bee Network is Greater Manchester’s plan for a joined up, world-class transport system under local control. It will be run for you – the passenger – and answer to you.

Bus services in Bolton, Wigan and parts of Salford, Bury, Salford and Manchester have already joined the Bee Network.

They’ll be run by private operators. But TfGM will decide where buses run, how often, and at what times. We’ll make sure they are reliable, run on time and take action if they don’t meet high standards.

By January 2025 all buses in Greater Manchester will be under local control. And local trains will join the Bee Network from 2030.

Eventually, the Bee Network will be your one-stop shop for all local journeys. Whether you’re catching the bus, tram, train or walking, cycling or wheeling, it will be:

·        Great value, with capped fares and flexible tickets

·        Simpler

·        Accessible, with improved passenger information

·        More reliable

·        And more sustainable

 What does it mean for me? 

Most buses will run on the same routes as existing services, and at the same times, for now.

If you use a Bee Network bus in Bolton, Wigan and parts of Salford, Bury and Manchester you should see some improvements straight away:

·        More frequent services on some routes.

·        Earlier and later buses on some routes to connect to first and last tram or trains.

·        50 new fully accessible zero emission electric buses, . with two wheelchair bays, hearing induction loops, audio and visual announcement systems and anti-slip flooring.

·        30 new TravelSafe Support and Enforcement Officers to help keep you safe.


And there are more improvements for everyone in Greater Manchester to enjoy,

·        Low bus fares on all Greater Manchester buses, so you never pay more than £2 for a single fare and £5 for a day ticket.

·        New Bee AnyBus + Tram tickets that are up to 20% cheaper when compared to paying separately for bus and tram journeys.

·        Bee Network app, website and social media channels to help you plan your journey, buy tickets and easily Rate Your Journey.

·        Bee Network Customer Contact Centre to answer your questions.

·        Six Customer Commitments:  The Bee Network will be safe, accessible, affordable, reliable, sustainable and accountables . You know what to expect and can hold us to account.


How do I know I’m on a Bee Network bus? 

Most Bee Network buses will be easy to spot. They’re yellow and branded as part of the Bee Network!

There will always be logos and signs onboard so you know it’s a Bee Network bus, and drivers will be in a Bee Network uniform. Ask the driver if you’re not sure.

Some Bee Network buses might not have had a splash of yellow just yet. But no matter the colour, all services will meet high standards.

What does this mean for bus fares and tickets?  

We’re keeping fares as low as possible. We’ve extended low bus fares on all buses in Greater Manchester to September 2024 so you’ll never pay more than:

·        £2 for an adult single fare, £1 for a child.

·        £5 to travel all-day on any bus, £2.50 for a child.

·        £21 to travel by any bus for seven days, £10.50 for a child.

The new range of bus and Metrolink tram tickets (Bee AnyBus + Tram) will be up to 20% cheaper compared to paying separately for bus and tram journeys.

You’ll be able to buy tickets from lots of places, including the Bee Network app, online, from an Information and Ticket office (Travelshop), a Paypoint outlet, on the bus, or from an on-stop tram ticket machine.

Can I use my travel pass or bus operator ticket on a Bee Network bus? 

Single bus operator tickets and travelcards won’t be valid on Bee Network bus services. You’ll need to buy a single fare or a Bee AnyBus ticket or Bee Bus ticket (find out more detail at beenetwork,com/tickets).

Most people will benefit from lower fares and new flexible tickets. A very small number of people may find it costs more to use Bee Network buses. If this is the case for you, visit or call us on 0161 244 1000 for more details.

There are no changes to travel passes for younger people, older people, disabled people and care leavers. This includes the igo, Our Pass, ENCTS older personals, disabled and disabled plus pass.

Find out more and the right ticket for you at  or call us on 0161 244 1000.

What does the Bee Network mean for Metrolink? 

With 99 stops and a network of lines across Greater Manchester, the Metrolink tram system is a key part of the Bee Network. There will be no changes to tram services for now.

But if you catch the tram there’s other improvements:

·        A new range of flexible tickets for bus and tram: Making your journey up to 20% cheaper compared to paying separately for bus and tram journeys.

·        Download the Bee Network app: The get me there app is being replaced by the Bee Network app, where you can buy tickets, see live tram times and Rate Your Journey.

·        Visit to find a ticket, plan your journey, see maps, tram schedules and travel disruption information.

You can use Bee AnyBus + Tram tickets on any bus and tram in Greater Manchester, priced according to the Metrolink zones you want to travel in.

You can choose from 1-day anytime and 1-day off peak tickets as well as 7-day and 28-day tickets.

Download the Bee Network app now at

The new Bee Network app will eventually be your one-stop shop for public transport in Greater Manchester. You can:

·        Get live departure times for local bus, tram and train stops and stations.

·        Buy Metrolink tickets.

·        Buy Bee AnyBus and Bee AnyBus + Tram tickets.

·        Rate Your journey.


Even more features are coming in future. So download the app today from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Check out our new website 

On our new look website – – you can:

·        Easily find the bus, tram, train ticket or travel pass for you.

·        Plan your journey.

·        Check travel alerts and see any affected bus and tram journeys.

·        See live departure times for all buses, trams and trains.

·        See bus timetables and tram schedules.

·        Report any property lost on the Bee Network or find out which operator to contact.

·        Contact the Bee Network customer team.

·        Rate Your Journey.


Our Customer Commitments

The Bee Network answers to you. Our Customer Commitments have been developed with local people so you know what to expect. We’re committed to delivering a Bee Network that is:

·        Safe: We will create a safe and secure network.

·        Accessible: Everyone can use.

·        Affordable: We will keep the cost of travel as low as possible.

·        Reliable: We will deliver a reliable network.

·        Sustainable: We will take the lead in creating a greener, healthier Greater Manchester.

·        Accountable: We will use your feedback to shape the Bee Network.


You can tell us how we’re doing at Rate Your Journey by bus, tram, train, cycling or walking on the Bee Network app and website.


Getting in touch

We’re here to help you plan your journey, find the right ticket, advise on lost property, and get involved if something’s not up to scratch.

Find out more or get in touch:

·        Visit

·        Call our Customer Contact Centre on 0161 244 1000

·        Drop by an Information or Ticket office at a Bee Network bus station or interchange.


Support for non-English speakers is available on 0161 244 1000 (Monday to Friday: 7am to 8pm and weekends: 8am to 8pm).

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