Working Groups

Dive into our dynamic Town Centre Management, Recruitment, Skills & Training, Visitor Data and Events & Marketing working groups.

These working groups strive to enhance Bury’s urban landscape, foster business partnerships, provide valuable training opportunities, and create a magical Christmas experience for all.

Town Centre Management

The BID’s Town Centre Management group meets every 6 weeks. Discussion points include waste management, drainage, deep cleaning and graffiti. These meetings are action-focused and seek to find appropriate and practical resolutions.

To join the meeting or raise a discussion point, please email us.

Bury BID Working Groups

Nigel Savers

Recruitment, Skills & Training

This working group is focused on strengthening the partnerships between Bury College and town centre businesses, sourcing relevant and useful training opportunities for BID businesses and supporting recruitment and staff retention across the town centre. This group is led by Nigel Shields, Head of Employer Engagement and Skills at Bury College.

Events & Marketing

This working group is focussed on maximising opportunities for Bury town centre during key periods when the town needs support to encourage more visitors. From seasonal events and lighting to festive campaigns and joined-up marketing.

Visitor Data

This group analyses the town centre’s monthly visitor data to ensure the BID and its businesses get the best return on investment from the data available. This information is essential to support decision making for future events and marketing activity.