Bury town centre sparkles with seasonal tree lights this Autumn

2 November 2023

1.3 Min Read

Bury Business Improvement District has made Bury sparkle this autumn with tree lights across the town centre, helping to create a warm welcome for visitors as the nights start to draw in.

From when the clocks changed this weekend you will have seen the twinkly tree lights appear in some of the trees on Market Street, Library Gardens and The Old Rock. Bury businesses wanted the lights to welcome their visitors and team members to the town centre, creating a wintery, cheerful atmosphere.

“It’s great to see the work of the BID making a positive impact on the town centre. The tree lights really support the visitor welcome and is yet another successful BID project to highlight how great it is to live and work in Bury. said Victoria Robinson, Chair of the Bury BID and CEO, The Met.

“I’d encourage all town centre businesses to get involved with the BID and take advantage of the support it can offer, from staff training to networking to events.”

Bury BID is funded by Bury town centre business to improve the town centre, increase footfall into the area and make the town a better place to visit, live and work. There are several BID projects suitable for all this autumn. For more information on events, workshops and projects in Bury town Centre, please see www.discoverbury.co.uk

  For further information contact:  Sally Boyd, Bury BID, admin@burybid.co.uk

This initiative was funded by Bury BID with support from UK Government (UKSPF).